Top 10 Tips for your Farm Safe Schools Journey

Starting any journey is always daunting.  Which is why for those schools starting their Farm Safe Schools journey we have tried to support and create as many resources as we can to assist you along the way.   The following tips will breakdown and help answer some questions you may have and if they don't do get in touch at

1. Head to the 'Resources'

2. Choose your class grade

3. Download the Suggested Schedule & Teacher Guide

4. Book a webinar (ideal for doing at any stage of each module)

5. Download the discussion sheets.
 These will guide and prompt the class discussion and will assist you in creating additional
 lesson plans on the topics. eg. In Module 1 we break the farm into different zones and discuss
 the hazards pertinent to each zone. As a lesson plan why not ask the children to pick a zone
 and write a safety statement for that zone, write a fictional story about that zone, create a 
 model farm in the class room with each zone designated to a different group.  It is their
 responsibility to ensure their zone is correct with hazards identified and accident preventative
 tools in lace, eg. safety signs.

6. Download the Worksheets and Spot the Danger sheets, these are ideal for homework or
 classroom activities

7. Use the checklist at the back of the Teacher Guide to keep track of your progress in each  
 module.  The minimum criteria is 2 topics per module for Infant classes and 3 topics per
 module for all others. 

8. Reach out in your community for speakers (virtually) in the following areas:
  • Irish Farmers Association on an array of farm safety topics
  • Veterinarians (support the animal module in terms of care and husbandry)
  • Nurses & physicians - support in farmer health, well being and Zoonoses
  • Farmers in your locality for Q&A on farming and farm safety
  • Machinery dealers on machinery safety, uses and accident prevention equipment
  • Electricians on electricity safety
  • Road Safety Authority on rural road safety and animals on the road
  • Irish water safety on staying safe when near water
9. To be accredited we need to see evidence that the children have engaged with the topics,
 done activities for the topics and that the farm safety conversations took place.  So when
 submitting you have two choices:
  • Online: create a Farm Safe Schools Blog, website page or slideshow presentation or maybe even a YouTube video. 
  • By Post: send a scrap book, log book, photo album and include all evidence that showcases your class /school's farm safe schools journey. 
  • Based on the topics completed you can be a Farm Safe School, Farm Safe Star School or a Farm Safe Superstar School.
10. Don't forget about our Farm Safe Schools Champion Awards!  During the course of the
       programme you   can nominate children who are doing exceptional work and are clearly an           FBD Farm Safe Regional Champion.  There will be up to 8 Regional Champions honoured.               Then after accreditation the Farm Safe Schools Team will be choosing that school who is                deserving of the Farm Safe School National Champion.  This is open to Farm Safe Super Star          Schools and there is a cash prize for the winner and a runner up.   All we ask is that the                   money is use to benefit the welfare and wellbeing of the children. 

If you have any further questions please get in touch at

Very best of luck

Alma Jordan
Farm Safe Schools Manager