Farm Safe Schools Champions

Recognising excellence in farm safety learning

The Farm Safe Schools Champions are those individuals, class or schools who have demonstrated excellence during their Farm Safe Schools journey. 

Farm Safe Schools Regional Champions

Is there a child in your school / class who is going above and beyond in their Farm Safe Schools coursework?  If so, why not nominate them for one of our  Farm Safe School's Regional Champion awards.
With this award we want to recognise those children who are doing exemplary work. The award is open to all schools who are taking part and is not specific to those schools aiming for Star or Superstar status.
When: Winners chosen over the course of the programme
Who: One child per region, as nominated by their school or teacher over the course of the programme (March & April)

How: Submit your nominations to the online below Prize: Each winner will receive a certificate of achievement and a family day out.
Note: Please notify us on your nomination regarding use of child's image, details etc in line with school's  Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and security protocols.

Farm Safe Schools National Champions

With this award we want to recognise those Farm Safe Superstar school and class who have done exceptional work and demonstrated exemplary work by making them our Farm Safe Schools National Champions
When: Winners selected at the end of the programme (May, pre-summer holidays).

Who: Schools or classes who qualify under the programme criteria for Farm Safe Superstar Schools. One National Champion for class and school will be selected.

How: Selections based on their accreditation submission and work displayed. Submissions can be either online or by post.
Prize fund: A monetary prize fund will be up for grabs, details to be confirmed. The fund is to be invested into the wellbeing of the children in the school, eg. Sports facilities, art supplies, etc.
€2000  - Farm Safe Schools National Champion - School
€500 - Farm Safe Schools National Champion - Class

Why Enter:

  • Rewarding children’s innovation, passion and commitment to farm safety.
  • Recognising the achievements of a school and it’s students.
  • Promoting the school’s achievements to local community and instilling in the children to create awareness and drive change in their homes and communities.
  • Encouraging parents and families to learn from their children in recognising their achievement.