Farm Safe Schools News  Feb-Mar 2022

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  1. A Message from Minister Heydon
  2. Top 10 Tips for a great Farm Safe Schools Journey
  3. Farm Safe Schools Regional Champions 
  4. Activity Ideas
  5. Which accreditation will you aim for?

A message from Minister Heydon TD -  Minister of State with responsibility for Farm Safety 


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Top 10 Tips for a great Farm Safe Schools Journey

1. Head to the 'Resources' at

2. Choose your class grade / level

3. Download the Suggested Schedule & Teacher Guide

4. Book a webinar (ideal for doing at any stage of each module)

5. Download the Discussion Sheets to guide & prompt the class discussion.

6. Download Worksheets and Spot the Danger sheets, (tip: these are ideal for homework)

7. Use the checklist at the back of the Teacher Guide to keep track of your progress.

8. Reach out in your community for speakers (virtually) in the following areas:

    • Irish Farmers Association on an array of farm safety topics.
    • Nurses & physicians - support in farmer health, well being.
    • Vets and livestock profession for animal care, handling and welfare.
    • Farmers in your locality for Q&A on farming and farm safety.

9. Label your evidence when submitting for your accreditation. Include as much evidence of learning and engagement as you can, eg. photos, written work, videos. etc.


Get your nominations in!

At any stage you can submit your nominations for the Farm Safe Schools Regional Champions.

Is there a child in your school / class who is going above and beyond in their Farm Safe Schools coursework? If so, why not nominate them for one of our Farm Safe School's Regional Champion awards.
With this award we want to recognise those children who are doing exemplary work. The award is open to all schools who are taking part and is not specific to those schools aiming for Star or Superstar status.

Entries for this call close on March 7th and we will do another call in April.  Anyone who nominates in this call automatically qualifies for the April nominations.

Find out more and submit your nominations here.


Activity Ideas to help your Farm Safe Schools journey.

Speaker ideas

  1. AgriKids (Farm Safe Schools partners) have a limited number of spaces available for in-school workshops if that was appropriate at this time.
  2. Inviting local nurses and healthcare professionals to talk about personal health and wellbeing.
  3. Vets to talk about topics on animal health, handling and welfare (as well as Zoonosis)
  4. Representatives from ESB Networks to talk about electricity safety
  5. Other speakers we have heard include local animal sanctuary workers, fire brigade, Road Safety Authority and Water safety experts.
  6. We also recommend you reach out to your local branch of IFA to source a representative - the Irish Farmers Association are also partners in this programme.
Activity Ideas
Along with the FSS Discussion Sheets webinars and worksheets we have some other great, creative ideas to help you on your Farm Safe Schools journey!
  1. Creating a model farm in the class room (great way to highlight where the safety signs go and to create farmyard zones).
  2. Role plays and dramas
  3. Acronystic poetry
  4. Designing posters and safety slogans
  5. Creating a Farm Safety board on your school corridor
  6. Interviewing local farmers
  7. Checking out the 'Useful Link's and Resources' link on

Don't forget to book your webinar place


Which accreditation will you aim for?

To be accredited a Farm Safe School you must complete the necessary topics for each module. Here's a handy guide to help you. Remember closing date for accreditations is May 6th 2022. 

Accreditation graphicpng

Remember to use the hashtag #FarmSafeSchools on your social media to share what you are up to and to be part of the bigger conversation with other Farm Safe Schoolers!

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