5th - 6th Class

Welcome to our senior classes for the  Farm Safe Schools Programme.
Here you will find everything you need to help your class and school become an accredited Farm Safe School. The Guide Book and Criteria will assist you with any questions you may have.  You can follow each module topic using the various discussion sheets and lesson plans or you can create your own!  

Accreditation Status

Farm Safe School - Complete 3 topics per module
Farm Safe Star School - Complete 5 topics per modules
Farm Safe Superstar School - Complete all 7 topics per module

Module 1

Farmer, Farm & Field Safety


  • Farm Zones - Chemical shed
  • Farm Zones - The Slurry Pit
  • Field Safety II
  • Electricity safety IV
  • Working at heights II
  • Countryside Code IV
  • Farmer Health & Wellness III


Module 2

Animal Safety & Care


  • Cows & Bulls IV
  • Horse Sense IV
  • Keeping animals safe
  • Sheep
  • Animal Handling III
  • Zoonoses III
  • Animal Wellbeing III


Module 3

Tractors & Machinery


  • The evolution of machinery
  • Machines used by farmers IV
  • Tractor rules IV
  • Tractor checklist IV
  • PTO safety II
  • Farm work focus
  • Quad bikes III


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